The Luxury of Liberty

Everybody needs a bit of Liberty luxury in their life, timeless fashion that is perfect for heralding that British heritage look.

springtime tank tops shirts and blouses

We’ve been working with Liberty of London year after year and together we have created stylish pieces that fit perfectly within our collection of all things colourful and patterned. Our close working relationship with Liberty means that time after time we are able to ensure you receive clothing that co-ordinates with the rest of your wardrobe.

floral fashions

Liberty’s stylish way of contrasting miss-matched and matched patterns within one outfit reflects the way in which we too love to experiment with fashion. Their super feminine and strong look mirrors the same signature flair that we try to capture through our entire product range and so together we are a perfect match!

cashmere for every generation

Here at Brora we pride ourselves on having the understanding and know-how that allows us to dress the whole family with garments that cross the generations, as well as individual pieces that are specific to certain age groups.

Liberty of London Liberty clothes for the family patterns & florals suits

We also love Liberty because of their dedication to ‘Made in Britain’, they share our passion for British manufacturing, as the majority of their products are made in factories local to the U.K. Like us, they understand the importance of supporting our community workforces and encouraging home-grown products. It is for these very reasons and so much more why we have maintained strong relations with Liberty of London.

Brora clothing Brora & Liberty

Have a look at the wonderful Liberty pieces available to you this season, they’re great for introducing a charming focal point if you’re not too keen on fashioning the bold brights trend, the lively patterns allow you to make a statement in a more subtle manner.

dresses floral shirts kid's clothes

And don’t forget to dive into our Liberty swimwear new to Brora, it’s guaranteed to turn heads at the beach!

Summer holidays


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